GSA calls for Hall of Fame nominees Honoring past athletic excellence

Blue Hill—Outstanding athletes, coaches, administrators, and contributors to the George Stevens Academy sports program—these are the individuals who will compose the inaugural class of the George Stevens Academy Athletics Hall of Fame, and fill its roll of names in the following years.

A seven-member, multi-generational committee will select the Class of 2017, to be named during a ceremony in December. Athletic Director Larry Gray, who will serve as an ex officio, non-voting member, has put the call out for nominations in order to gather a pool of candidates.

Similar to a relay race, Gray is moving forward with a baton passed on by former athletic director Jim Murphy, who stepped down after 30 years of service.

“Jim Murphy had been working on this for a while,” Gray said from his office off the GSA gymnasium, noting that high schools such as Bucksport, Ellsworth and Mount Desert Island all have well-established Athletic Hall of Fames to recognize outstanding contributors in the field of sports.

Gray is hoping for a first class of five to seven names, with three to five more added each year. The selected nominees will receive the usual perks: a banquet, recognition at a home basketball game, an individual plaque, and their name on a Hall of Fame plaque by the athletic trophy case, with new names added each year.

But without nominations, there can be no Hall of Fame, and towards that end Gray and the committee have established criteria and an application form for the selection process.

The application is available from the George Stevens Academy website (, from  Gray ( or from the school.

Criteria for student athletes:

A graduate of GSA at least 5 years prior to nomination.

Superior accomplishments as an athlete at GSA, i.e., All-State, All-Conference, or other significant accolades.

Continuing excellence at the collegiate, national, amateur or professional level.

Clearly demonstrated integrity, sportsmanship, and citizenship before and after graduation.

Academic and post-college career accomplishments.

Criteria for coaches, administrators and special contributors:

Significant contributions to the athletics program, including years of service, coaching records, and championships.

Significant contributions to community or professional organizations that promote athletics at the state or national levels.

Retirement from their positions at GSA.

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