DIS boys varsity baseball team looks to improve from 2016 Scott's Sports Spot

2017 DISHS baseball

The 2017 Deer Isle-Stonington baseball team includes, front row from left, Stephen Cochran, Colby Haskell, Silas Bates, Tyson Rice and Kinsey Bartlett. Back row, Arthur Peixoto, Toby Snow, Mason Oliver, Ethan Shepard, Rob Turner and Nathan Winchester. Not pictured are Skyler Perez, Trey Plummer and Tommy Hutchinson. By Monique Labbe

Deer Isle—The boys are a junior-dominated team with over three-quarters of the players from that class. The big challenge in baseball this season will be the new pitch count rule. Instead of three innings being the cut off for a pitcher to rest three days, it is 110 pitches, and that will necessitate four days of rest. There is also a sliding scale for fewer pitches for days of rest that is too complicated to explain in this column.

With the only senior being Ethan Shepard, the team also includes sophomores Colby Haskell and Skylar Perez and freshman Tommy Hutchinson; the rest of the team are juniors. Returning players are Mason Oliver, Silas Bates, Tobey Snow, Steve Cochrane, Nathan Winchester, and Robby Turner. Players with experience coming back are Tyson Rice, Kinsey Bartlett, Elliott Nevells, and Trey Plummer. Brazilian transfer student Arthur Peixoto is learning the sport.

Coach Randy Shepard will need to develop as many pitchers as possible to work around the new pitch count rule. We have four pitchers from last year but we will need to add a few more to be able to get us through the tight stretches, especially where we have double headers. It will be pitching by committee this year, more so than normal.

Coach Shepard has been working hard on building offense and cutting down errors, both physical and mental. With many inexperienced players, we need to build our confidence so we can score the runs we need to compete.

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