George Stevens Academy Eagles’ biggest—and smallest—fan pays tribute

Eagles are number one

Jarrod Chase and Jocelyn Murphy proclaim the George Stevens Academy Eagles “number one” at the Cross Center after the team’s championship win.

Blue Hill—High school basketball fever rose high in 6-year-old Jocelyn Murphy but for one team only, “her boys.”

She may be the George Stevens Academy varsity boys basketball team’s biggest, smallest fan.

“She calls them ‘her boys,’” mother Jody Murphy said.

Jocelyn lives across the street from GSA, and when the team loaded up the bus for an away game this winter, she was quick to run over to high-five them her well wishes.

On Valentine’s Day, she gave each team member a card with a ninja turtle mask, and received, in turn, an invitation by Assistant Coach Matt Mattson to attend one of their practices.

Gold balls

Jocelyn Murphy poses with the Eagles’ back-to-back gold balls and team member Max Mattson at a March 5 reception at George Stevens Academy.

In costume

Jocelyn Murphy dressed for the Eagles’ state championship reception at George Stevens Academy on March 5.

With the bleachers empty, the experience was a little different than attending a home game, her mother said, but after a moment’s hesitation, Jocelyn walked in, to hugs and high fives.

“She’s fearless, and certainly not shy,” Murphy said.

Jocelyn attended all the Eagles tournament games and, for the reception honoring the team’s state title win, she showed a true fan’s colors, dressing up in an eagle costume (repurposed from a griffin costume created by Cynthia Winings) and congratulating her boys.

“She really looks up to them,” Murphy said. “She’s their self-proclaimed biggest fan.”

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