Maine Maritime debuts recycled uniforms Maine company supplies plastic

Maine Maritime volleyball team members

From left, Maine Maritime volleyball team members Maggie MacMahon, Alex McClure and Sydney Adams display uniforms made from recycled plastic.
Photo by Riana Sidelinger/Maine Maritime Academy

CASTINE—Maine Maritime Academy Athletics has placed several teams in recycled athletic apparel, created by Atayne, a Brunswick-based company that uses 100 percent recycled and organic materials.

On November 11, 2016 the Maine Maritime Academy volleyball team became the first team to wear a 100-percent recycled uniform in the NCAA Tournament.

“I cannot express how excited our team members were when the new jerseys were revealed,” Volleyball Coach Tricia Carver said in a news release. “They love them, and they really enjoy playing in them.”

Atayne uses the maximum amount of American-made recycled polyester derived from plastic bottles in all their products, preventing usable materials from going into landfills and saving considerable energy and water compared to virgin polyester, according to the news release.

“Obviously, we get to feel good about using 100-percent recycled products but, as a public institution, we have an opportunity to keep business in Maine,” said Director of Athletics Steve Peed.

The Maine Maritime Academy men’s and women’s basketball teams, men’s and women’s cross country teams, and women’s lacrosse team will all be wearing apparel manufactured by Atayne in 2017.

“By buying them we supported a local Maine business, by wearing them we supported a green and eco-friendly atmosphere, and by sweating and playing in them, we represented a volleyball program that has poured time and effort into making the individual a better athlete and team player,” said freshman volleyball team member Maggie MacMahon.

“Atayne is also a certified B corporation, meaning they are committed to treating their employees well,” added Peed. “They offered a better way to do business.”

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