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The DISHS Boys Varsity Basketball Team

Front row, from left, Tobey Snow, Zach Welch, Silas Bates, Rodrigo Cespetes, and Dakota Gillen. Back row, from left, manager Cheyenne Bennett, Nathan Winchester, Mason Oliver, Ethan Shepard, Arthur Piexoto, Tyson Rice, and Coach Rufus Nicoll. Not pictured, Ethan Bates- Cole, Skylar Perez and Colby Haskell. Photo by Anne Berleant

Game on for Mariners

Ethan Shepard grabs the rebound against Narraguagus in a December 5 scrimmage. Photo by Sandra Shepard

Deer Isle—The boys basketball team is in a similar position as the girls with a limited amount of experience and small numbers overall. On top of that, the boys have a new coach, Rufus Nicoll. Rufus grew up on Mount Desert Island. He moved away for several years before coming to Deer Isle. Though he has limited basketball experience, he has worked with youth before and can help getting everyone working together.

Coach Nicoll is also getting help from alumni and other coaches to work on practices and strategy. He feels that this team is not selfish and is willing to play as a team. Hopefully we will fulfill the three C’s, conditioning, commitment, and chemistry. This is what makes a team greater than the sum of its parts.

Ethan Shepard, Mason Oliver, Silas Bates, and Ethan Bates-Cole saw a lot of varsity time last year. Skylar Perez, Nathan Winchester, Dakota Gillen and Colby Haskell all played JV ball last year. Tyson Rice has been out for a year with a knee injury, and Tobey Snow and Arthur Peixoto, an exchange student known more for his soccer skills, are also playing.

There is currently not any provision for a JV team and no freshmen came out for basketball. This is a first for the boys and makes it hard to develop younger players. Coach Nicoll was hoping that this might change.

This team will be challenged in many ways, but especially to have the experienced players help the other players learn the team play needed to be successful. How well and how quickly we adjust will make the difference. We can do it but it will take some hard work to get there.

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