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Deer Isle—The boys soccer team had a similar season as the girls with a rough start and then coming back with some great games. At 3-11, we were able to get to the playoffs by overcoming our 0-7 start with a 3-4 finish. We were outscored in the first 7 games 46-5 and improving that ratio in the last 7 games to 13-10. We graduated 6 starters last year and that left a lot of holes. With 3 of our first 4 games against strong teams, we weren’t able to catch any slack with developing all the new players.

With only six of this year’s team having experience from last year, we had talent, but the teamwork was not present early in the season. With two talented transfer students, it looked like we would start well, but it didn’t happen. It took half of the season before we started to figure out how to work as a team and trust each other by using passing as the main weapon. Again it is the downside of the lack of a solid preseason.

sports; DIS; boys; GSA; Colby; 102016; Deer IsleStonington High School; Eagles; George Stevens Academy; Mariners; dishs; game; high school; school; soccer; sport; team Colby Haskell works for the ball in a regular season game againstGeorge Stevens Academy. photo by Jack Scott

Silas Bates works for the ball in a regular season game againstGeorge Stevens Academy. photo by Jack Scott

In the second half of the season, we were a different team as noted in the scoring differentials mentioned before. The positions were defined and we were able to determine how to work together, which is the key to soccer. From the sidelines, it was evident that the communication was much improved. Three wins and a couple close losses along with a great game against Bangor Christian showcased our improvement.

Looking ahead, though we graduate the superb goal tending of Ethan Shepard, Liam Griffith, and our two South American transfer students, we will have a solid core of players who know how to play as a team. Once we get in condition, we should be much more ready to tackle the schedule next year. If we can get some sort of preseason, that will be even better. I look for a solid playoff team next year.

sports; DIS; girls; Searsport; Aja; 092216; Deer IsleStonington High School; Mariners; dishs; game; high school; school; team Mariner Aja Quintal races foro the ball against Searsport. Photo by Jack Scott

Mariner Aja Quintal races foro the ball against Searsport. Photo by Jack Scott

Girls look to carry momentum forward

The girls soccer team overcame a rocky start with the transfusion of three eighth graders halfway through the season that energized us for a much better performance, going from 0-6 to be 2-4-2 in the second half. This was allowed because of the small number of girls in the high school. The added success was a combination of giving us the numbers so we had a couple subs and also adding three quality players to fill out the team. To their credit, the eighth graders stepped up to the level of varsity play.


For example, we were outscored in the first six games 36-4, but in the last eight games, that ratio was 16-7. The biggest turn-around was against Searsport, losing 12-0 in our fifth game and then losing a hard fought game 1-0 near the end of the season.

We not only tightened up our defense but significantly improved our passing and teamwork. If we have a challenge that will carry into next year, it is to work on how we can be more aggressive around the goal and get some hard shots off. We are working the ball down to the goal and now need to figure out how to finish.

With everyone except Jesslyn Gove returning and the three eighth graders who will be freshmen next year already on board, I feel we will have as good a team starting off the season as we have had in a while. We typically have a hard start because we don’t have a preseason and have the issues of conditioning and teamwork to develop. With a busy schedule early, that has put us in a hole to start. If we can add a few more players, we have a strong base to become a playoff threat next year.

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