Mariner softball team down to eight Scott’s Sports Spot

sports; DIS; softball; jonesport; stealing; third; 051916; Deer IsleStonington High School; Mariners; dishs; game; high school; school; team Lily Gray steals third base against Jonesport-Beals. Photo by Jack Scott

Lily Gray steals third base against Jonesport-Beals. Photo by Jack Scott

DEER Isle—The girls softball team had a tough week, starting with a loss to Bangor Christian 14-3 on May 11. We were right in this game, trailing 4-2 until the fifth inning where Natalie Knowlton had a rough inning and BC scored 6 runs with aggressive base running. Things fell apart and we were down by 8 runs.

We did hit well, but couldn’t get them when we needed to for more runs. Jess Gove led us with a double and 3 singles, Madison Frazier had a double and a single, Abby Stinson and Lilly Gray had 2 singles, and Amy Friedell had a single.

The girls lost a similar game on May 14 to Sumner 15-9. We trailed 6-4 after 5 innings, and we had 2 bad innings, compounded with walks and errors which put the game out of reach. We rallied in the last innings for 5 runs, not giving up, but it was too big a hill to climb.

Lilly Gray and Natalie Knowlton each had a double and a single, Abby Stinson and Sadie Rice each had 2 singles, and Haley Hardy and Madison Frazier each had a single. I think we got a little frustrated because we know we can do better.

On May 16, the girls lost to Jonesport 10-8 in a game that we had to play with eight players. Amy Friedell broke a bone in her hand in the Bangor Christian game trying to bunt. The real handicap is that we not only have just eight players in the field but also we get an automatic out every time we get to the ninth position in the batting lineup.

Natalie Knowlton had 13 strikeouts, but with 11 walks, most of which were in the first two innings, where Jonesport scored 8 runs, again helped by a couple errors. I have to give our girls credit. We battled back with the bats coming to life, scoring 6 runs to get it close and making the final out on a hard line drive by Lilly Gray, but right at the shortstop.

Lilly Gray had a triple and 2 singles, Haley Hardy had 3 singles, Natalie Knowlton had a double and a single, Sadie Rice had 2 singles, and Jess Gove had a double.

The girls, at 1-6, have suffered plenty of adversity in trying to get up to speed this season. I know they get frustrated, but I have seen a lot of good play at times. With only 8 players at present, it’s like playing with one hand tied behind our back, but we still give it all our effort. Despite their struggles, they need support, not criticism, and this will be a much stronger team. They are working hard to improve.

I also want to mention that the girls team is having their annual cancer fundraiser this Saturday during the doubleheader with Greenville from 11-3. Another good reason to go and support them!

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