Mariner double OT win earns playoff berth Scott's Sport Spot

DEER ISLE—Wow! I felt like I was back in the heyday of Mariner basketball. The gym was packed and the crowd was rocking! The boys basketball team saved their best for last as they beat Bangor Christian 65-58 in double overtime. How close was this game? The quarter scores were 12-12; 26-24; 36-36; and 50-50 at the end of regulation.

It was a fast paced game as Bangor Christian is very quick, but we were up to the task. We just refused to give in this time in a do-or-die effort. We trailed 49-44 with a little over a minute left in regulation. A Paul Zoephel basket, two foul shots by Mason Oliver, and then Ethan Shepard muscled his way up for a basket with 14 seconds left to tie the game.

Mariners defend

Krisford Melanio and Noah Davis pump up the Mariner defense against Bangor Christian. Photo by Jack Scott

In the first overtime, Bangor Christian dropped in two 3–pointers to keep up with us. With the score tied, we couldn’t get a basket to take the lead. With 30 seconds left, a BC guard was fouled and made both of his foul shots. Coach Brian Billings called timeout with 6 seconds left and then Krisford Melanio worked his magic with a drive to the hole for 2 points as time expired.

The second overtime was all about the Mariners as Mason Oliver dropped in a 3-pointer right off the bat. Bangor Christian kept with their plan of raining 3-pointers, but they weren’t getting them to drop and we got the rebounds. Another basket by Ethan Shepard put it to a two-possession game, and Silas Bates iced it with two free throws at the end. Bangor Christian never scored a point.

How sweet to finally pull one out with strong play at the end of the game. Mason Oliver had 24 points, Krisford Melanio 16, Paul Zoephel 10, Ethan Shepard 10, and Noah Davis 5. There is no stat for hustle, but the entire team would get a star for that.

The boys redeemed themselves with their inspired play and, with a 4-14 record, are ranked 9th, earning a preliminary playoff game. We have beaten the #5 and #6 seeds as they stand now, so you never know what can happen.

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