Brendan Penfold runs 19th in Class C state final

Racing at the Northern Regionals

From left, Will Entwisle, Brendan Penfold and Ollie Dillon race at the Northern Regional Championships. Photo by Franklin Brown

Cumberland—Brendan Penfold of Deer Isle-Stonington competed in the State Cross Country Championship and came in an excellent 19th overall in Class C. The course in Cumberland is a hilly, difficult course, and this was the first time Brendan had run it. The runners from Southern Maine have an advantage in that they run this course at least once every year to learn how to pace themselves for the difficult terrain.

The top 15 runners were seniors or juniors, who have run this course at least once. The location of the State Cross Country Tournament alternates between Cumberland and Belfast from year to year. To put this year in perspective, Brendan came in the 54th position last year in the state race. He has made very significant progress and also focused only on cross country this year.

Cross Country Coach Mary Penfold has two big items on her wish list for next year. First she hopes to get a few more runners, both boys and girls, so that we can compete as a team. Also that the runners begin conditioning in the summer before the season starts so they can start with good legs and wind. This is a great sport to get in excellent shape and also a discipline that many people participate in for their entire life to stay healthy.

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