Mariner girls searching for a win

Sports; DIS; girls; Searsport; jesslyn; orly; 092415; DIS; Deer IsleStonington High School; Mariners; SoccerGirlsSearsport0915; dishs; game; high school; school; soccer; sports; team Jesslayn Gove and Orly Vuaghn trap the ball against Searsport. Photo by jack Scott

Jesslayn Gove and Orly Vuaghn trap the ball against Searsport. Photo by Jack Scott

Deer Isle—After a hectic start to the season, the girls soccer team had only one game this week, losing to Searsport 6-1 on September 16. Though we trailed 3-0 at the half, we played a good half and had a couple bad breaks to trail. The first goal Searsport made was a perfect kick arched over goalie Sadie Rice’s outstretched arms. On a corner kick, a defender stood directly in front of our goalie and a perfectly placed kick bounced off her into the goal. The other goal was a penalty kick on a dubious call inside the 18 yard box.

We did finally get on the board in the second half with a goal scored by Ashley Haskell assisted by Ally Eaton. We had several good opportunities in the first half as we are starting to pass more and win the ball on loose balls. Sadie Rice was in goal the entire game and did a very commendable job.

The girls are still looking for their first win, but we are looking much more cohesive and are starting to think pass rather than boot. We have three games this week and are playing teams we should be able to stay with. With a little time to work on conditioning and teamwork before then, we can hopefully get a win to build our confidence.

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