Mariner boys show big improvement for next year Scott's Sport Spot

Junior Krisford Melanio

Junior Krisford Melanio will return to the mound next year. Photo by Franklin Brown

Deer Isle—The varsity boys baseball team definitely took a good upward swing in the learning curve by the end of the season. We needed to build some confidence and not hang our heads with mistakes. The good news is most everyone should be back for next year, so we should start off much better than we did this year.

Krisford Melanio showed some quality pitching near the end of the season, and if we can develop a couple more pitchers, we will definitely improve there. With this year’s experience under our belt, many players have more confidence at the positions they are playing. Several freshmen have done well in the field.

We need to work on our offense, and for many of the younger players, that means adjusting to the varsity pitching we face. A few hitters emerged from the ranks this year. We need to be more aggressive at the plate as a team and focus on getting the ball in play.

The key will be to start the next season with the team play we started to show at the end of this season. The other factor that will make us better is the work we do in the off season. Whether it is summer ball or building our mental knowledge of the game, it makes us a better team. We definitely should have the skills and numbers to be a playoff team next year.

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