Mariner softball a small team, with much experience

The Mariners softball team

From left: Lilly Limeburner, Amy Friedell, Alison Eaton, Madison Eaton, Jessalyn Gove, Orly Vaughn, Morgan Shepard, Baileigh Johnson, Madison Frazier, Kristina Hutchinson, Natalie Knowlton, Holli Boyce, Ashley Haskell, and Coach Siebert. Not shown: Logan Eaton. Photo courtesy of Deer Isle-Stonington High School

Deer Isle—The girls softball team has only 12 players to start the season, but many of them have experience on successful teams from the past. Longtime Coach Terry Siebert feels we have the leadership and talent to carry us into the playoffs again this year.

The three seniors are also the captains, and Coach Siebert is looking to them to be the leaders for the team. Morgan Shepard is not only a strong hitter but will pitch and play shortstop. Holli Boyce will anchor center field and Logan Eaton will catch and also play at first base.

The juniors include Allyson Eaton who also brings good hitting and plays third base, Natalie Knowlton will pitch and play left field, and Ashley Haskell will play at second base and also shortstop.

The sophomores are Madison Frazier who will play in right field, Jesslyn Gove who will play first base and outfield, Kristina Hutchinson who will most likely play in the outfield.

The freshmen are Orly Vaughan, who will play first base and also catch, Madison Eaton who will play in the outfield, and Amy Friedell who has just started with the team.

Coach Siebert feels we won’t be the powerhouse we have been lately, but our pitching should be good, just not the strong pitching we have had for the last five years. Our infield defense is battle tested and our offense should be good overall. We have speed on the bases and strong hitters to move the runners.

We should be able to make the playoffs and then anything can happen. Last year we made it all the way to the Eastern Maine finals by over-achieving one game at a time. With some faith and a little luck we can do that again this year.

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