Mariner boys young, looking to rebuild

The Mariners baseball team

Front, from left: Stephen Cochrane, Silas Bates, Krisford Melanio, Robby Turner, Kinsey Bartlett, Trey Plummer. Back, from left: Coach Talbot, Noah Davis, Tyson Rice, Mason Oliver, Ethan Shepard, Devin Carlisle, Nate Winchester. Not shown: Lance Robbins, Noah Gillen, Zack Ladd. Photo courtesy of Deer Isle-Stonington High School

Deer Isle—After just barely getting a team together last year, the boys baseball team is in for a building year with a large but young team. Coach Chris Talbot feels we have a lot of young talent, but we haven’t had any real tests yet with real game experience.

Seniors are Lance Robbins and Noah Gillen, who will mostly DH (designated hitter), and Harry Boyce in the outfield.

Juniors include Krisford Melanio at center field and pitching, Noah Davis at second base, shortstop, and pitching, and Devon Carlisle, new to the team this year, at outfield and possibly pitching.

Sophomores are Ethan Shepard at third base and pitching and Zach Ladd at first base.

The freshmen make up almost half the team. They include Tyson Rice at catching, Robby Turner at outfield, Silas Bates at shortstop, second base, and pitching, Kinsey Bartlett at outfield and second base, Mason Oliver at third base and pitching, Stephen Cochrane in outfield, and Nathan Winchester at outfield.

Coach Talbot feels that with all the young talent, we will be a better team than last year, but we will be a work in progress as these players develop up to varsity speed. Expect this to be a building year and it will take time for everyone to find his place on the team. It was a late start with the weather, and we didn’t have any opportunity to play any preseason games. We should improve as the season goes on—how much will depend on how fast we get on the learning curve.

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