Mariner cheerleaders turn donation into supplies for homeless shelter

Mariner cheerleaders

Mariner cheerleaders Shaylee Bray, Coach Kimberly Yurchick, Veronica Pezaris, Jess Trainor and Ali Eaton pause after a shopping trip where they purchased supplies for the Emmaus Homeless Shelter with funds donated from a local nonprofit group. Cheerleader Riley Getto is not pictured. Photo courtesy of Kim Yurchick

DEER ISLE—A penny may be only 1 cent on its own, but with a whole bunch of them you can go shopping. And that is just what the Mariners cheerleaders did with their donated pennies.

In December the cheering squad was invited to a meeting of the Island’s Eastern Star organization. They ate dinner with the group, performed some dance and cheering routines and left with a donation of more than $175 in pennies to do with as they wished, providing they spent the money to help a charity organization, said cheering Coach Kimberly Yurchick.

The squad put off using the money until competition season was over and then made a decision to support the area’s homeless shelter, the Emmaus Center in Ellsworth.

According to Yurchick, the five-member squad thought their donations would be best helping a homeless shelter and Emmaus was the closest. They went to the Emmaus website and found a “wish list” of items the shelter was in need of—and then they went and filled what they could.

For the squad’s coach the whole experience was rewarding, said Yurchick, adding that she wants to provide opportunities for the squad to give back each year.

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